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Welcome to The Sky Temple of Lugia and Articuno

We are Lugia and Articuno's biggest fan site ever, providing as much information and fan art on them as we possibly can! We also love all other legendary birds and bird Pokémon in general. We have dedicated art sections, downloadable media and a strong community. Please join us and you can meet other bird Pokémon fans in our forums or enjoy some real time conversations about Pokémon in our chat.

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Posted on 12th February 2017 Lugia
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Posted on 27th July 2016 Pikipek
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Posted on 23rd March 2017 Lugia
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Site and Community News

Site and Community News

The Sky Temple Comes to an End

Posted by Articuno at Thursday, 05. October 2017 @ 14:56:22

Hi everyone, I thought I better get this news out quickly, a decision about the site has now been made. After 13 years of working on The Sky Temple in all its variations I have decided to retire it once and for all :> All work on the site has been ceased and services will only continue to run until the domain name is recycled, at which point this site will go offline permanently.
There is no telling when this will be, it could be months or more, but I'm sure there won't be a huge impact to many users. Currently there isn't much going for The Sky Temple, the direction changed many times and too much attention went into catering for the few people in the community that would eventually leave. Not enough time and effort was placed into the site itself, more specifically its design and content. All of this together with the social media storm of recent years and the severe costs it would take upgrade our failing community software means that The Sky Temple's current format can never compete.

As a Lugia and Articuno fan site, The Sky Temple no longer does its job. Content for the two birds has been juggled about and efforts towards it shared between both, this method hasn't worked for several years.
As we have migrated to bigger and better community software over the years, we've also lost a great deal of content along the way and it became harder and harder to restore it.

As well as all of the above, I no longer feel the desire to work on a shared Lugia and Articuno fan site anymore and this is clearly reflected in the work I currently do (which mostly involves technical upgrades and improvements to the site and community software).

We have truly reached the end of an era.

There will be plenty of time before the site closes fully so if you would like to keep any of your content such as blogs, images, profiles etc. then please feel free to save them. A copy of the site will be kept offline so nothing will truly be lost. You may request your data any time you like. I apologise for any inconvenience caused in the closure of The Sky Temple.

While it's been a little difficult to write this, I won't forget to mention that everyone involved in bringing this site to life over the last 13 years has gained my eternal gratitude. We all worked hard and it's a shame the site lost its way.
I won't be quitting web development so you never know what the future may hold.

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Lugia and Articuno News

Lugia and Articuno News

Lugia is Coming to Pokémon GO!

Posted by Articuno at Friday, 21. July 2017 @ 10:27:31

Lugia, Ho-oh and the legendary bird trio are coming to Pokémon GO this weekend for the first time to celebrate Pokémon GO's one year anniversary! Here is a trailer released for the event which demonstrates how you will be able to battle and catch Lugia:



According to Niantic, legendary eggs will occasionally appear at gyms and everyone nearby will have the chance to catch the legendary if it is defeated. As far as we know they cannot be used to defend gyms but they will look good in your Pokédex, especially Lugia! So I suggest you get back into the game and get yourself one asap!

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