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Welcome to The Sky Temple of Lugia and Articuno

We are Lugia and Articuno's biggest fan site ever, providing as much information and fan art on them as we possibly can! We also love all other legendary birds and bird Pokémon in general. We have dedicated art sections, downloadable media and a strong community. Please join us and you can meet other bird Pokémon fans in our forums or enjoy some real time conversations about Pokémon in our chat.

Latest Illustration

Posted on 19th Oct 2016 Lugia and Articuno
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Posted on 27th July 2016 Pikipek
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Posted on 30th September 2016 Lugia
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Site and Community News

Site and Community News

TST Discord Server

Posted by Lighty at Thursday, 01. December 2016 @ 21:48:32

The Sky Temple Chat Server on Discord.

Since the IRC is too difficult for newer members, and is getting old, wonky and pretty much dead... we have introduced Discord, for TST!

TST Has been using Discord for a long time now, for active voice chats, text chats, and easy in-chat image/video/file sharing!

This has led us to change our main chat hideout from IRC to Discord :3

Discord is a 100% free chat client, that pretty much is better than Teamspeak and Skype!

How to join the TST Discord server

  1. Click the widget on the site, the Chat button, or join us via This invite link! ( )
  2. If you do not have a Discord account, we ask you to make one! after that, you're all good to go! No TST Registration required! :3
  3. To be able to use voice chat, post images/video's/files and URL's and visit channels other than the main chat, you need to be verified! Do this by talking to any staff-member! :3

Verification Process

Due to obvious security we have to put into something as public as Discord, please bear with us, that once you've joined Discord, you have a Grey name, this indicates that you are a new member!

New members can only use text chat, but can't send images or files etc.

If you join for the first time, and want to be verified, poke a Staff Member, which hold a BLUE name.

Verified members have GREEN names, and can use advanced chat functions, and voice functions!


TST Discord server Guidelines

  • We do not allow NSFW Content in any way, this goes the same for overly-swearing, profanity, images etc. Abusing this, or spamming images and such may result in you losing such privileges! (with exception to #posts, no NSFW nor profanity, but edgy content is allowed).
  • Please be patient. Not everyone connected to the chat is available at any one time. Do not get upset if no one responds, they might be busy doing other things!
  • Please try and greet your fellow members or guests when they join, especially newcomers! A little bit of politeness goes a long way.
  • It is considered rude to randomly private message a stranger without their permission first. Please try to ask them where possible unless you know for certain that they are okay with it.
  • If a troll starts causing trouble on the main channel, STOP TALKING. Trolls get bored and will eventually leave if no one is chatting. Otherwise a moderator will kick them when they are available to do so. If you talk back to trolls you are only adding flames to the fire and you're likely to get yourself into trouble this way. please help us combat these trolls by actively reporting them to staff!
  • Please also do not steal other people's nicknames, Nicknames can be changed and assigned by Admins, so if you want one, ask!
  • Please try to keep hefty discussions, drama, serious personal thing or just personal issues in PM please!

General Channels

#welcome This current channel, for reading the guidelines!

#announcements Be sure NOT to mute this channel, we post important community announcements here!

#lounge The main room, share stories, talk, banter and more!

#posts For posting random pictures, horrible meme's, or selfie's with your cat

#rp For roleplaying, please don't disturb on-going role-plays with banter... joining is always allowed, of course!


Voice Channels

Lounge Main Voice Channel.... for everyone to join! <3

Gaming For those who want to listen to others game, or want to be more communicative during gaming!.... it's conciser rude to go chat here while others are busy though, please join quietly! <3

Staff Secret Hideout for super sexy people!


Discord Staff

Marked with a BLUE nickname.

Articuno - Chat Administrator | Community Owner

Lighty - Chat Administrator | Discord Dev, Bot Dev

Syrune - Chat Moderator | Bot Dev

Espeon - Chat Moderator 

Espy - Chat Moderator

Umbreon - Chat Moderator


[attachment=617:TST Discord Banner bg.png]

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Lugia and Articuno News

Lugia and Articuno News

Articuno Features in Pokémon GO

Posted by Articuno at Monday, 11. July 2016 @ 19:52:54

Good news for Articuno fans! Our favourite blue bird's popularity is sure to see a spike in the coming months, the new mobile game "Pokémon GO" features Articuno as the Team Mystic mascot, one of three teams that players can join when they reach level 5.

Here's the logo (which many people have already begun to make custom merchandise out of!)


If you're looking to support Team Mystic or if you just want to show your love for Articuno, I highly recommend you visit RedBubble or simple click here! http://www.redbubble...hop/team mystic

There are t-shirts, mugs, stickers and plenty of other items with various designs :> Keep your eye out for Articuno fan art too, I imagine there will be a huge amount!

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