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Giant Lugia Plush

If you're a massive fan of Lugia then you will probably know all about this plush! It's the limited edition, Pokémon Center giant Lugia plush that was taken off the shelves shortly after it's appearance in 2001. Most of the old Lugia fans may also remember the Blue Forest at and the Lugia merchandise section which informed everyone about this lovely item. Unfortunately the page no longer exists but it originally had giant Lugia plush photos and the owner's name beside them (who took the photos for the site back when it was made in 2002.)

This is one of the few Lugia plushies where the American and Japanese versions differ from each other, meaning that there were actually two versions of this plush available but both as now rare as each other!

Here is a comparison pic I put together, please click the image for full size:

Giant Lugia Plush Comparison

Japanese Version

The Japanese version has a disproportionately long neck compared with other Lugia plushes and official Lugia art. The beak is also somewhat longer and thinner than it should be, probably one of the reasons for its remake in America. The overall build is slim and long-winged.

American Version

The American version of this plush has some slight improvements to the original, however the modifications also made it slightly less desirable in certain areas. They managed to correct the overly long neck and beak, they also made the whole body much fatter and plushier (could be seen as a good or a bad thing). As a result of the change in body shape, the characteristic slim legs of Lugia are no longer visible and you just get feet attached to knees instead! They also rounded the head a little too much but this does make it look rather cute.

Please click the thumbnails for full size images:

giant Lugia plushgiant Lugia plushgiant Lugia plushgiant Lugia plushgiant Lugia plushgiant Lugia plushgiant Lugia plushgiant Lugia plushgiant Lugia plushgiant Lugia plush

How I Obtained the Giant Lugia Plush

This plush is so rare that after endless searches for many years, I was starting to wonder if I'd ever own one of them myself. Then one evening while I searched for the exact phrase "Lugia plush" on Google, I ended up on a site that seemed to be a mirror of the original Blue Forest page but in French. Some of the original text was still attached to the giant Lugia pictures and I could read the name of the owner, so I had a bright idea!

I thought to myself "What if he still owns that plush?" and decided to search his full name for contact details. Fifteen minutes later I found an email address and decided to send a message. I figured he would have already sold it or simply wouldn't want to give it away so I didn't get my hopes up too much, but shortly after sending the email I got a reply from him saying he DID still have it and WAS willing to sell! I just couldn't believe my luck, I immediately began saving with the help of my best friend.
After two months I finally had enough money for the plush so I went ahead and bought it!

An extremely long month later and Parcelforce delivered the giant Lugia to my door at around 8.50am. The night before I was completely unable to sleep due to the excitement! The box was absolutely massive and some freebies had also been thrown in, including a twelve-inch poseable Lugia plush and a blue, Japanese Lugia magnet!! Everything was in MINT condition! Giant Lugia even still had the tag attached!! Needless to say I was completely blown away by the act of generosity!

The total cost of the plush was £130 including the customs charge (that's roughly $200), the owner was kind enough to discount me. Giant Lugia now sits in the corner of my bedroom along with all my other Lugia plushies ^v^

Those of you who visited the Pokémon Center online while the plush was still available, you may remember the "discontinued" sign next to the plush description. The reason for this was because of the supposed dangers to young children; yes it really is quite heavy for a plush being 11lbs and thirty-three inches tall! It also has a wingspan of around forty-three inches! You wouldn't believe how soft it is after all these years, softer than ANY other Lugia plush out there (trust me I have felt nearly all of them) and really nice to cuddle up with at night time.

The original Pokemon Center price was $125 or so.


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