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Welcome to the IRC Bot Information Page

Everything you need to know about TSTBot can be found here! Everything from Scripts, Updates, FAQ's and Changelogs!

Lugia IRC Bot

UPDATE NEWS: 28th March 2016: 3.7.0: Levelling Mechanic now added, Evolution and Levelling are now fully functional.

Community Scripts

Current Version: 1.5.1
Next Expected Update: 1.6.0
The Community Scripts is a massive collection of scripts designed or requested by the Community themselves.

!FairyTail - Become a random Character from the Fairy Tail Anime
!Stargate - Become a random Character from the Stargate SG1 TV Show
!Touhou - Become a random Character from the Touhou Game Series
!Undertale - Become a random Character from the Undertale Game
!Halo - Become a random Character from the Halo Series
!Persona - Become a random Character from the Persona Game
!8Ball {question} - Get an answer about a question from the legendary 8Ball
!FlyingPokemon | !FlyingPokemon {user} - Become a random Flying Pokémon | Make another user become a random Flying Pokémon
!Transformers - Become a random Character from the Transformers Franchise
!Whack | !Whack {user} - Get whacked or whack another user with Lucas' Stick
!Smash - Become a random Character from the Smash Games
!Convert {C|F} {Temp} - Convert a temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa
!Poketype {pokémon} - Find out the Type(s) of a specified Pokemon
!Pokemon/!Pokemanz - Become a random Pokémon
!Eonget - Get yourself a Eeveelution
!Ew {something} - Have the bot EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW whatever you want it too
!Lag - Check your connection between TSTBot and yourself
!Info {user} - Check the info of the specified user
!Addinfo - Add your own info for others to see
!Hangman - Play a game of Hangman

For those of you looking to get coloured text on the chat. If you use mIRC here's the code! Just copy and paste into the 'REMOTES' section of the Script's Editor and replace COLOURNUMBER with your desired colour! (Ctrl + R or Tools > Scripts Editor)

on *:INPUT:#: { if ($left($1,1) != /) { msg $active $+($chr(3),COLOURNUMBER,$1-) | halt } }

Community Scripts - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a script on the bot? - If you have a request of a script you want to put on TSTBot, then you can either go post on the Requests topic in the forums, or hit me (LLOTS or Syrune) on the chat!
A script isn't working, what do I do? - If you find that a script that isn't working and it should be, then you can use !ReportBug. However if you do use this command, please specify the script that isn't working, as it's really meant for the RPG!

The Sky Temple Exclusive Pokémon RPG!

Current Version: 3.7.0
Next Expected Update: 4.0.0
The TST Exclusive Pokémon RPG is a special script only found here on TST. It currently contains fully functional Catching Mechanics, along with Nature, Gender, Stats and Rarity generation.
This text-based RPG will also contain never seen before features and mechanics that makes it stand out from the Pokémon Games, including new a Rarity Type, 3 New Pokéballs, Special Evolution and Levelling Mechanics, Special Events, and much, much more!
If a user is interested in playing this RPG, they should join the #IRCGAMES Channel on the Chat and type !Creg to get started.

Basic Commands and Getting Started

!RPGReg is the basic command that MUST be triggered, though some scripts don't require this command for them to work, it's needed for the various Item based commands.
!Dailylog - !Search - !Gather are the current commands to find yourself some Pokéballs and various other items, these will be needed to play the game later on.
!WildEnc - !EventEnc are the required commands to begin a random Encounter with a Pokémon. !WildEnc is the default command, while !EventEnc is the special command only used during Special Events.
!Inv - !Checkslot ALL are the commands to check your Inventory and Current Pokémon.
!Status is the command to check the Status of the Pokémon you have selected as default. (Slot 1 by default)
!PlayerStats is the command used to check detailed information about the player.
!PokeCenter is a pretty self-explanatory command, which fully heals all your Pokémon.
!Dslot 1-6 is the command you'll use to select your default Slot for battles. (Slot 1 by Default)
!Evolve is the command required to Evolve a Pokémon.
!Levelup is the command required to Level Up your Pokémon in your chosen default slot.
!ReportBug is a MUST be used if a bug is found!

The Mechanics - In-depth Explanation

The Rarity Mechanics - Originally I planned to just have a Shiny Chance in the Encounters, however later down the line I decided that a Rarity System would be interesting and unique. Currently the RPG has 5 different Rarities; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Shiny and Ethereal. The type of Rarity will affect a Pokémon's Base Stats. Basically the rarer the Pokémon the stronger it's base stats are.

The Encounter Mechanics - The Encounter Mechanics work just like any other Pokémon Game, though it shows in-depth information about the Pokémon you encounter. Level, Gender, Nature, Rarity and Stats are all shown upon triggering the command.

The Capture Mechanics - Like all Pokémon games, this RPG has it's own Capturing System and it works just like any other!

The Battle Mechanics - Again like all Pokémon games, the RPG has it's own Battle System, it will eventually work just like any other Pokémon Game, with a few added features which are TBA.

The Item Mechanics - The Item Mechanics are another pretty unique point to the RPG. All items have NO RESTRICTIONS to how much a User can carry at once. You'll be able to find items with the RPG's Item Finding commands. You'll also be able to obtain items from defeating Wild Pokémon, Special Events and Trainer/Gym Battles.

The Daily Login Mechanic - This is another unique Mechanic that the RPG utilizes. Every 24hours a User will be able to use !DailyLog to receive a set amount of items, to make sure they are well supplied with Items. Items range from Poké Balls, Potions and Money.

The Levelling Mechanics - The Levelling Mechanics are yet another Mechanic that makes the RPG incredibly Unique. Rather than Pokémon Receiving EXP from a Battle, the EXP is stored on the User instead. Each User will be able to then freely allocate their gained EXP to whatever Pokémon they wish. Gaining EXP can be done by defeating Wild Pokémon, you'll get 1x the Level of a Wild Pokémon (Lv. 10 would = 10EXP). EXP can also be obtained by completing Quests (You'll gain 5-50EXP depending on the Quest). Finally you can obtain EXP through special Items. (These Items can grant up to 50EXP). Another thing that makes this system unique is that the Level Cap will be Unlimited. (Meaning you can exceed Lv. 100)

The Evolution Mechanics - This is by far my favourite idea for the RPG. The Evolution Mechanics are COMPLETELY unique. Rather than Pokémon Evolving through Levels or Special Requirements (Stones, Friendship, ect); Pokémon will Evolve by Evolution Points. Evolution Points are gained through Battles, Items and Special Events. Once a user has enough Evo Points, they will then be able to Evolve a Pokémon. An Example would be Pidgey > Pidgeotto (EXAMPLES You will need 25 Evolution Points to Evolve a Pidgey and 50 to Evolve the Pidgeotto).

The PokéMart and Center Mechanics - Does what it says on the tin, the RPG's own Poké Mart and Poké Center. There is nothing really unique to these.

The Event Mechanics - The Event Mechanics are unique in every little way, these are special Event's that will trigger at random or certain times. You'll be able to Catch and Battle special Pokémon alongside obtain special Items.

The PokéDex Mechanics - This will work like normal by default for Wild Encounters. However the PokéDex will have a unique feature for Caught Pokémon and Trainer/Gym Leader Pokémon. The unique feature will allow users to customise their Pokémon's PokéDex Entry for other people to see!


RPG - Frequently Asked Questions

What can we expect from the 4.0.0 update? - QUITE A LOT! Infact the 4.0.0 Update will FINISH the last remaining features that I wish to add to that system. These include; 18 New Events, Battles, Full PokéMart, PokéCenter, Unique Pokémon Stat Generation, Wild Pokémon Default Pokédex Entries and Customizable Pokédex entries for Users, Trainers and Gym Battles, Trading and PC Systems and so much more!

What happens beyond the 4.0.0 update? - A lot! New Events will always be added to the RPG, New Trainers, New Gym Leaders, The Elite Four will eventually be added. You ask what happens after 4.0.0? Who knows really! You'll have to wait and see~

Can I get my hands on the Code? - Absolutely not, this is Exclusive for a reason, the code for the RPG will NOT be open sourced. Sorry!

Can I help? - Absolutely! I'm always looking for help compiling various files for the RPG, just hit me up on the Chat if you want to help, I'll tell you what needs doing! :>

Please note that the RPG is still currently being updated and not all the commands are shown here. On top of that the RPG itself handles the rest of the commands INGAME to make things a lot more interactive and simple.


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