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The Sky Temple Community Guidelines

The guidelines below apply to all areas of site including the forums, chat, gallery and all member blogs. Please keep in mind that some boards of the forums have additional guidelines written inside stickied topics. If you have a question regarding any of the guidelines, please do not hesitate to ask a staff member. Most rule breaking can be avoided by using common sense :> Please think before you speak and show some consideration towards others.


1. Please be respectful towards the people around you. We understand that you cannot be forced into liking everything and everyone but this isn't an excuse to insult others or cause trouble. Please contact a staff member if you feel like you are being harassed.

2. No foul language, no porn, no innuendo and no inappropriate content whatsoever. The Sky Temple strives to keep its community child-friendly.

3. Discussions about mature content (drugs, politics, religion etc.) is to be treated in a serious manner and will be heavily moderated.

4. Please keep the site tidy (does not apply to the chat). No posts in all caps, no creating duplicate topics, flooding topics with too many consecutive posts (bumping a dead thread is allowed). No overuse of emoticons and/or images, posting one-word answers and replying to threads that are no longer relevant.

5. Please try your best to use proper spelling and grammar and speak in English only. If the staff are unable to understand your posts then we cannot moderate the community.

6. No mini-modding (does not apply to the chat), which is when a normal user takes it upon themselves to push guidelines and tell everybody how to conduct themselves. If you run into a situation where you think a member has made a mistake, use the Report to Moderator button and a staff member will take care of it.

7. Please do not post links to random websites unless you are crediting or referencing them (does not apply to the chat), however you may place links into your forum profile.

8. Creating a new account on The Sky Temple when you already have one is frowned upon. Anything you want to do on a new account can be done on the old one, including changing your username and resetting your password. Signing up with another account and pretending to be a different person will result in a warning and then a ban.

9. Please try not to exceed 1MB when using images in your signature.


Guidelines for the Chat

10. Please be patient. Not everyone connected to the chat is available at any one time. Do not get upset if no one responds, they might be busy doing other things.

11. Please try and greet your fellow Pokémon fans when they join, especially newcomers! A little bit of politeness goes a long way.

12. It is considered rude to randomly private message a stranger without their permission first. Please try to ask them where possible unless you know for certain that they are okay with it.

13. If a troll starts causing trouble on the main channel, STOP TALKING. Trolls get bored and will eventually leave if no one is chatting. Otherwise a moderator will kick them when they are available to do so. If you talk back to trolls you are only adding flames to the fire and you're likely to get yourself into trouble this way.

14. Please do not use the colours cyan, lime, yellow and white as your primary font colours. They are far too bright and unreadable. Please also refrain from setting a font background colour.

15. If you register your nickname, please remember to use it. There are people who want certain nicknames but cannot have them due to "nick hoggers" who register names and never use them. Please also do not steal other people's nicks.

Guidelines for the Minecraft Server

  • Griefing/trolling other player's buildings or "property" is not allowed, if this happens to you, please report it to staff asap, we are able to fix it on the spot using plugins, no need to rebuild it yourself!

  • When creating towns with multiple people, we hope the town will be managed as a "Democracy", meaning that people won't grief or troll each other, and can make decisions and town-leading hierarchy themselves… if problems arise, please don’t fight, and don’t hesitate to ask our staff for help!

  • The server holds its head high when it comes to "fair play", meaning that Client Modifications that add unfair advantages in-game (with the exception of a minimap etc.) are NOT allowed! This goes for abusing bugs in any way, using cracked clients, and cheat clients, which is seen as a very high offense, and will be dealt with as such.

  • Please refrain from entering other people's territory and buildings without clear permission to prevent trouble, this includes setting your "/home" in their territory.

  • Please do not spam /me, /msg, /mail, /tpa, /tpahere… or any interactive commands at all! This is rather annoying!

That's basically it, we aren't overly strict but we'd like to keep this place neat and tidy. Thanks for reading.


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