The Sky Temple of
Lugia and Articuno

A Pokémon fan site dedicated to Lugia and Articuno

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Mobile-friendly Chat

Welcome to The Sky Temple's mobile-friendly chat!

If you are on a desktop computer, click here to check out our main chat which remembers your nickname and text colour for you.

Please click here to read our community guidelines before using the chat :> thank you!

Here is a list of our main channels, please type /list while connected to the chat to view all.

#TheSkyTemple - Casual RPing, sillyness, fun and games, super friendly and akin to The Sky Temple's original chat from 2005!
#RP - Real-time, group RPing with other TST members! Feel free to get as detailed and in depth as you like.

IRC Server Information

Connect to the chat from any IRC application using our IRC server details:

Port: 6667 or 6697

Guidelines for the Chat

1. Please be patient. Not everyone connected to the chat is available at any one time. Do not get upset if no one responds, they might be busy doing other things.

2. Please try and greet your fellow Pokémon fans when they join, especially newcomers! A little bit of politeness goes a long way.

3. It is considered rude to randomly private message a stranger without their permission first. Please try to ask them where possible unless you know for certain that they are okay with it.

4. If a troll starts causing trouble on the main channel, STOP TALKING. Trolls get bored and will eventually leave if no one is chatting. Otherwise a moderator will kick them when they are available to do so. If you talk back to trolls you are only adding flames to the fire and you're likely to get yourself into trouble this way.

5. Please do not use the colours cyan, lime, yellow and white as your primary font colours. They are far too bright and unreadable. Please also refrain from setting a font background colour.

6. If you register your nickname, please remember to use it. There are people who want certain nicknames but cannot have them due to "nick hoggers" who register names and never use them. Please also do not steal other people's nicks.


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